Tuesday, June 30, 2009

North Dakota TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From Cross Country 2009
So this is me after learning the basics of driving with a clutch(manual). I learned that it really tires out your left leg cause you have to hold in the clutch. The car kept turning off because I let go of the clutch to fast. There are so many rules!!! I am never getting a manual car. I will only ever get an automatic car in the future. So it turns out at the end of our lessen, another jeep(like ours) came in and a father and son switched places and the son was learning to drive like me! The only big difference was that he was like 20!! He was also pretty bad at it. I saw him jerk forward a few times before going smoothly. It felt good to know that I wasn't the only person bad at a manual. After all of the driving we went to the state park, which was by the way the most beautiful place I have ever seen. It was sooooooooooooooooo pretty. It took a while to get use to everyone who passes you(even in cars) to wave at you. That felt weird. The next morning when we were trying to find the highway, I was getting a little nervous because we were in the middle of no where with a quarter tank of gas. Other than that it has been mostly driving.


  1. If you think your leg was getting tired, imagine your mom having to drive all those miles.

    I didn't learn how to drive a manual until I was 23. Even though I had been driving an automatic for a few years I was horrible at it for a couple weeks and stalled out like crazy. Once you learn how to drive it you can be judgemental and look down upon all those losers who can't drive one. :)

  2. Wow - nice job, Rachel! Looks like I'll need to lock up the car keys from now on :)

    Lauren and I miss you!! - Dad

  3. Keep up the good work! Soon you will be able to drive and I will be your happy, loyal passenger!
    Love, your Aunt Susan