Friday, June 26, 2009


Rachel and I are quite sunburned tonight because we were at Noah's Ark, billed as America's Largest water park in Wisconsin Dells. Yes Mom, we did apply sunscreen, though clearly not enough.

From Cross Country 2009

Betting is now open...
I'm taking bets on how painful our ride will be up to Minneapolis tomorrow with bad sunburn. Judge on a scale of 1-100 where 100 is a nice, comfy air conditioned ride. There's a prize for the closest guess!

We loved the water park! Wikipedia tells me there are 49 water rides at Noah's Ark. Other than guessing it's the number of rides, I can't figure out by what measure these guys are the biggest.

Cute story of the day: When we pulled in the parking lot, I parked next to a sharp yellow Jeep Wrangler. The ladies who owned it, glancing at my license plate, asked if we drove all the way from Georgia just for Noah's Ark. I was ready to say a sarcastic yes when Rachel responded, "No, we're going to North Dakota." (Oh, and they get points for the bumper sticker that read, 'No, this isn't my husband's Jeep.')

Lehr requested photos of the two of us today. Sorry, but that just didn't happen. I'll make every effort to get Rachel into the Minnesota state line photo but no promises.

"Best meal I've had in a long time" award from Rachel
Velveeta shells and cheese, as cooked over the camp stove.

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  1. Hi there! Hope you didn't get sick from the sun burns . . . did you buy some aloe? Have a great weekend--talk with you soon.