Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Have to See Crazy Horse

Deadwood was too touristy, Mount Rushmore felt too patriotic, but the Crazy Horse Memorial -- wow! It's nowhere near done, but it has sheer scale going for it, overwhelming its presidential neighbor.

From Cross Country 2009

If you like to gamble and are over 21, Deadwood is probably a great place to visit. The museum was pretty cool, though. Rachel wasn't thrilled by either.

As for Rushmore, I suggest visiting before you go to Crazy Horse. They're about 1/2 hour apart, which seems close on the mountainous roads here. Both charge an entrance fee (Rushmore was $10 per car, Crazy Horse was $10 per person) and your Annual Park Pass isn't good at Rushmore.

Other highlights from our day
Snow in July? Check it out:
From Cross Country 2009

Rachel climbs up rock faces (Megan looks from below):
From Cross Country 2009

Bison not 15 feet away:
From Cross Country 2009

I've had pretty much no cell phone signal since we left I-94 in North Dakota on Wednesday morning. Who knew even Deadwood would be a dead zone? Hence the slow on Twitter updates. I did get a few minutes of coverage at Mount Rushmore today, where I took the time to call Mom (wouldn't you? she worries).

The stats
  • Miles driven: 3000 since June 19. That's an average of 230 miles per day.
  • Plates spotted: We've logged 43 states so far. Alaska is now on the "seen it" list.
  • Car candy: Twizzlers Pull-N-Peel
  • Nights logged without a pillow: 8
  • Number of times Rachel has kvetched (complained): too many times to count

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  1. Morning! Stay safe, girls!! Hail and storms? Not good. How far are you from Elle's? Have a good day.