Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wi-Fi Spotty, Twitter Helps, & Driving 2k Miles So Far

As I sit in this Starbucks reflecting on what to write about the trip thus far, a few things come to mind.

For one, I like my paper travel journal. I've kept it since 2001 as a spot to put little scraps of paper collected, a spot to write my "must sees", and a spot to summarize my days. The blog isn't a replacement. I think I went into this trip thinking northdakotabound might replace the journal.

From Cross Country 2009

Twitter, however, is a great way to update everyone. In fact, when I sat down this morning to write postcards, I realized I'd already mentioned all the interesting bits on Twitter!

On Saturday, as we head to Minnesota to visit Darrell and Ashley, the Jeep will turn 2000 miles since I pulled out of Lehr's house in Marietta. I estimate the trip will take me about 6000 miles total.

We stayed cool today using a little spray bottle filled with icy water from our cooler. Spritz a little on the schvitz and we both felt a lot cooler. Rachel favors spraying her feet while I like hitting my neck.

I'm craving adult conversation, so please (*please*) feel free to give me a call and check in on the trip. Please also feel free to tell me you can't talk long. Thanks to Jason B., Annie, Kimberly, and (of course) Mom for checking in.

I leave y'all with a picture of Rachel and I at the Field Museum in Chicago. Annie specifically mentioned there were no pictures of the two of us together. That's life with a 12 year-old, unfortunately. I had to buy Dippin Dots to get this photo.

From Cross Country 2009

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  1. The Field Museum is extreme cool!