Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sleeping in a hostel

Sitting in a jeep just about all day with your mother in100 degrees weather is soooooooooooooooo boring!!!! If you know Megan or me (unlikely me) and you live along the way please tell us what you do to stay cool and have fun with no a/c. Also a What Up?! to my BFFs!

So for the last two nights in Chicago I spent in a hostel. NOT like a hotel. You are stuck in a room with people speaking German or French or something. Weird. And on top of that I am on the top bunk with the only direct way to get up there is with getting multiple scratches on your legs(yeah i tried). Since the two bunkbeds were pushed together the ladder type thing on the end was impossible to get to. So I had to climb up onto the bed next to me and climb across to my bed. The bad part was that the bed I had to climb up on was extremely squeaky! Not the best experience. But on the good side there were really good blueberry muffins every morning!


  1. I bet this is even more fun than you imagined :)

    Oh, I have to go an turn the A/C down - its just too darn chilly in here...

  2. I am so going to kill you when I get back. Better yet I will get Ralph to kill you! Hear that Ralph? Good!!!!

  3. Rachel--boy, your Dad knows how to hurt a person!!! Just think how great that ocean will feel when you get to melbourne!
    Love, Mom-Mom!

  4. Hostel life sounds quite bohemian. You may get robbed. Guard your things carefully! You may also inadvertently bring home unwanted souvenirs such as infestation. I strongly advise you to check for bedbugs at prior to climbing across another bunk!!
    Have a great trip!
    Love and kisses, Aunt Susan

  5. I completely agree with you. I was against the hostel but no one listens to me.