Tuesday, July 14, 2009

War Eagle!

Rachel and I drove through Mississippi to arrive in Auburn on Thursday afternoon. I got a chance to give her a tour of campus and a little bit of town. After a little deliberation (Guthrie's was also on the list), I introduced her to an Auburn food tradition: Momma Goldberg's Deli.

At Momma Goldberg's in Auburn on Twitpic

I ate lunch there pretty much every Tuesday during my college career. It was a hole in the wall then and still is. This is the spot where you can get a little of Momma's Love steamed to perfection.

Speaking of holes in walls, we stayed at the old Heart of Auburn motel. It's situated right across from the library and within walking distance to Tiger Rags, my favorite spot to buy Auburn schwag.

The old drill field behind Nichols Center (the ROTC building) is now new dorms. Rachel will tell you I spent the whole time in Auburn pointing out what had changed (and the list was substantial) since I left in 1996. One thing that was still there, however, was the parking lot by Nichols where I learned to drive a manual transmission. We just had to have another driving lesson. I think she's getting the hang of it!

We were so worn out, Rachel and I slept hard that night because we knew we had 500+ miles to drive the next day so we could get to Melbourne.

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