Thursday, July 16, 2009


Since we've been in Florida, I've seen some very interesting things. For instance, we saw two people smooching outside of Wal Mart! Florida is the only place you can see someone riding a motorcycle with golf clubs sticking out of a bag on the side.

Only in Florida do the golfers ride Harleys on Twitpic

Petrillo's is the absolute most amazing place in the universe for eating pizza. For anyone that's been to Florida before may have seen the sign that says Bizarro's. Petrillo's name was changed a while back to Bizarro's but my mom still calls it by the old name. A pizza slice there might be the size of three or more slices of pizza at a normal place. The line can take up to an hour at times because Petrillo's is so popular, not to mention it's on the beach. The people that work there are usually very fast at taking your order and getting it to you.

On July 11, 7-11 gives away free 7 ounce Slurpees. I tried to hit as many as I could -- I was going for my fourth of the day but they were out of cups! Can you believe that?!

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  1. Rachel, you poor traumatized child!
    Deprived of your fourth slurpee because of a cup shortage! We will rush you into therapy as soon as you return to Maryland. Until then, try to be brave....
    love and kisses, your aunt susan